Saturday, 25 May 2013

Why I'd like to be a pirate

Hi Everyone,

This was my first proper page using my dylusions hence why I used nearly every colour :). It was so much fun though , after I opened up the pages I noticed a blotchy patch that hadn't taken the ink and all I could see was a skull and cross bones, so the first thing I did was outline that with an inkssentials white pen.
But listen to me I'm getting ahead of myself, I used so much on the background nearly all of the dylusions and then did a lot of spraying and ghosting using the inkables templates, the ones you can probably see best are the arrows in the top right hand corner and, the off set dots on the left handside and the harlequin around the edge.
Anywho after I'd outlined the skull and crossbones the title just came of it's own accord so now I had to come up with my reasons.
The writing was done with a white inkssentials and reads as this
"No-one will tell you where to go and when to come back, you are completely free bound by nothing and although arguably one of the most materialistic races on earth all you need is the clothes on your back and a loot sack, and lets face it, that's good
Also you get to carry a sword, I'd love a sword, not really sure what it would be useful for, but if I was a pirate no one would ask why I needed one they would say "Oh she's a pirate" and that would be it.
Also I could be 'swashbuckling' I've never really given much thought to the word, but lets face it even without meaning, it's a pretty good adjective and one that I'd like to be used to describe ,me. What else is there, , , , ooh maybe an eyepatch, eyepatches are cool, I bet if Doctor Who was a pirate he'd make sure he had an eyepatch, plus you have the added bonus of the badass look of the eyepatch, and I've always thought of myself as a badass, okay in reality I'm not at all, in fact I spend most of my time afraid f what might go wrong, but you see if I was a pirate I wouldn't worry like that at all.
Of course I'm forgetting the treasure, I would love me some treasure, wouldn't have to be big stuff, in fact knowing me I'd probably just want the treasure chest, let's face it, it's pretty and gotta be useful.
Oooh yeah, and you have a flag, I'd love a flag and a crew, aaarrrgggggggghhhh a crew that'd do my bidding(not a mutinous one though but I'm not sure you get to pick)
The only problem I can see for me in becoming a pirate is quite a big one actually.
I get seasick :)"
Hope you liked it
Bev x


  1. It's fantastic Bev.
    Think I may have another go at mine at your next crop xx

  2. Wow, love the background and your pirate story ;-)

  3. Bev I love this page, and I love your reasoning, you are totally mad, but that's why I love you, because I am totally mad too, lol. Hugs P xxxx

  4. Love it Bev. Both the pages and what you have written - the only thing not mentioned is the Rum - ho ho ho and a bottle of rum - think I'd prefer wine though if I was a pirate!!!! lol xxx

  5. Oh that's a gorgeous page!

  6. That is fab... I want to be a pirate now!
    C xx